October 22, 2021

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COVID-19 spike at Boca Raton’s Calusa Elementary less than investigation

BOCA RATON – A large jump in COVID-19 cases at Calusa Elementary has drawn the interest of county wellness officials, who are investigating possible connections between the infected pupils and workforce.

The Boca Raton university claimed 6 pupils and 1 employee tests positive for coronavirus bacterial infections in between Monday and Wednesday. Thursday afternoon, the school informed dad and mom of two added student cases.

Palm Beach County community faculty officers mentioned there was no proof so far of any “university student-to-student or college student-to-grownup transmissions” at Calusa or any other campus.

But county Health and fitness Director Alina Alonso stated her department was investigating Calusa’s recent circumstances and experienced not ruled out the likelihood that the an infection was spread amongst some sick students and staffers.

“We assume there to be transmission (on campus) at some level,” Alonso explained.